Interior Inspiration: 5 Home Design Trends

Is your home decor starting to feel a little dated? Perhaps it’s time for a refresh. Whether you’re looking to overhaul a room or the entire house, these five interior design trends may be just the motivation you need to get started.

  • Living room with a white couch and white and red flowered wallpaper.

    Trend #1: Maximalism

    Maximalism is the alternative to the “less is more” style of minimalism, according to Interior Design. The trend embraces vibrant patterns, luxurious materials and textures, bold colors and plenty of details, according to Fast Company. There are no set rules for creating a maximalist space, says Architectural Digest. Instead, the magazine says that some trial and error is to be expected, so start with a small space such as a breakfast nook or entryway.
    Image courtesy of Nick Smith, London (photographer) and Nigel Pearce, London (designer)
  • Living room with a leather couch and black walls.

    Trend #2: Black

    Black may never really be out of style, but according to Builder, the classic color has become a daring, yet popular choice for home interiors. The color, which began its resurgence thanks to trends like tuxedo cabinets, is reaching peak popularity as a go-to neutral for homeowners looking to add sophisticated touches or bold statements. In the kitchen and bathroom, matte black has become a fashionable choice for fixtures because the color goes with everything and is easier to keep clean than lighter, polished metals, according to And HGTV says bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling black walls can add a contemporary feel without being overpowering, especially when paired with light wood furniture and bright accessories.
  • Blue floral couch in a living room.

    Trend #3: Florals

    In 2018, florals are in full bloom — and may just be bigger and bolder than before. According to Houzz, today’s florals replace understated patterns with high-contrast colors and oversized flourishes. For homeowners looking to make a statement with this trend, Zillow suggests pairing a large floral print sofa with a dark background or even a large piece of art.
    Image courtesy of Camilla Molders, Victoria, Australia
  • TV in a living room with concrete walls.

    Trend #4: Concrete

    This material is a mainstay for outdoor spaces, walls and floors. But according to Houzz, concrete is now being used for more surprising features, including fireplaces, wall coverings, countertops, tile and decorative accessories, such as bookends. Part of concrete’s appeal, according to, is that it is inexpensive, durable and easy to stain with color or texture. It also works for a range of styles, from modern to farmhouse-chic. Before you cover a surface with the material, however, warns homeowners to be sure they’re ready to commit because concrete is permanent and heavy. You’ll need to be sure that the surface supporting the concrete is sturdy enough. For example, Houzz says that before you install concrete countertops you should check the floor’s weight rating and ensure the counter substructure is strong enough to hold the material.
  • Living room with yellow curtains and blue flowered wallpaper.

    Trend #5: Wallpaper

    Wallpaper has a bad reputation with many homeowners. But, it may be making a comeback. According to, today’s wallpaper is easier to apply and remove than you may remember. It’s also available in a wide range of modern patterns with interesting twists, such as metallic, embossed and embellished (think beading) options. Technology is also helping to take wallpaper up a notch. According to, homeowners can have custom wallpaper created thanks to digital printing.

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